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How To Plan A Bridal Brunch

By Janecia Britt


Incorporating a brunch into your wedding event schedule is the perfect chance to celebrate intimately with your nearest and dearest. This can take the form of a brunch-style bridal shower or a bridal brunch, which is often a time for the bride to thank her bridesmaids for their hard work and support throughout the wedding planning process.


1. Venue

Photo by Ashley Brooke

Don’t overthink the venue. It’s perfectly acceptable to host brunch at home or the home of a family member. If you want to splurge, consider a private room at a favorite restaurant, a local club, or arrange for an outside affair under a tent. Be sure to find a venue with enough space and great lighting. It should flow with the overall theme of the event and be a page out of your story.


2. Invitations + Decor

Photo by LivieSweetDesigns / Etsy

When it comes to a bridal brunch, making your decor theme the star of the show is critical — spring for out-of-the-box linens, chargers or even personalized takeout boxes. Whatever theme you choose, make sure the invitations are on par as well. Remember, any invitation is going to be the reflection and tone of the overall event.


3. Food

Photo by Ashley Brooke

As these are more intimate events, it’s more feasible to curate a personalized menu that can accommodate many dietary restrictions and preferences. You may want to host a tea and provide a charcuterie or crudités for people to snack on. If you’d like to be a bit more festive, chicken and waffles, crepes, or even eggs benedict are always crowd-pleasers. Don’t forget the mimosas!


4. Games

Photo courtesy of the balance everyday

Guests can play plenty of games to get to know each other, the bride and their partner. Consider playing the newlywed game (their partner can record their answers previously), a trivia of famous brides, or a guessing game about the bride-to-be. If games aren’t your style, have guests write down and share their favorite memory with the bride, ask a family member or maid of honor to make a toast, or have guests put date-night ideas into a jar for the couple to use later.


5. Favors

Photo by Megan Clouse Photography

Leave lasting memories with guests by parting them with a token of your appreciation. Favors could be something as small as mini hand sanitizers, small bottles of wine or champagne — or even nail polish to express “mani-thanks!” If you’re looking to splurge, initial necklaces are a sweet way to thank those in your life for having a role in your love story.

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