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An Intimate Tour

An Intimate Tour

Tallahassee Wedding Tour’s fall event showcases properties, vendors

By Mac Ligas

Stress? What Stress? On the morning of Sunday, Dec. 3, the Tallahassee Wedding Tour began its second tour of the year at Mission San Luis, traveled around town to the Woman’s Club and ended at The Edison. Throughout the day each venue showcased their property as vendors at the venues provided a variety of services any bride would need to plan and put on a spectacular wedding day.

Contrary to the average bridal expo, each bride (and groom, if they chose to accompany their bride-to-be) enjoyed one-on-one mini sessions with each vendor. This is quite different than the typical bridal shows with aisles of vendors and overwhelming commotion.

Based on her own experiences as a bride-to-be who felt overwhelmed when planning her own wedding Verlonda Johnson, owner of the Blissfully Yours event company, supplied the idea for theTallahassee Wedding Tour.

“I wanted Tallahassee to have something more intimate allowing brides to meet vendors in one place in one day,” said Johnson. “We kept it small with vendors from each area of wedding planning and we featured venues that had different themes – rustic, ballroom, garden and non-traditional.”

At each of three locations, brides met with vendors including DJs, lighting specialists, photo booths, event planners, bakers, photographers, florists and honeymoon consultants in order to plan their Tallahassee wedding.

The annual tour was a success according to both brides and vendors. Blissfully full of tasty treats and ideas, theTallahassee Wedding Tour left brides with visions of their perfect wedding dancing in their heads.

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