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Sensational Succulents

 Sensational Succulents

Succulents for Weddings

By Alexandra Pushkin // Photos by Woodland Fields Photography

linjor_wed-101It’s hard for a succulent to go unnoticed with their marked appearance circular leaves and compact size, which give them an almost cushion-like appearance in shades of mint green, rusty orange and pastel pinks. Succulents are low maintenance and their color palette allows any willing couple to adopt a succulent garden for their celebration.

Succulents can be used for almost any aspect of decoration. One of the most popular uses for succulents in ceremonies is simply to use them for what they are: greenery. Having succulent bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids and boutonnières for the groom and groomsmen add distinctively elegant touches.

For bouquets, a mix of spiny and rounded succulents creates an aesthetically pleasing composition. For boutonnières, a smaller version of the bouquet design is clean and classic. To add a little extra something to the ensemble, succulent flower crowns, headbands and hairpins make beautiful statements, particularly with rosette shapes, giving the illusion of the long-established romantic flower

Beyond adorning attire, succulents may line aisles and tables in stylish vases or weave around the tops and backs of chairs in a vine-like fashion. Because carrying or wearing too many succulents would become heavy, having them on tables, chairs and the aisle allows for bigger arrangements. Bold centerpieces with assortments of shapes and colors—or colors to match the wedding’s palette—jump off the table when paired with natural-toned tablecloths, slipcovers and flooring. The natural backdrop will compliment the succulents’ pale green undertones. Miniature arrangements are popular in the industry as well, and make perfect names cards and take-home gifts for guests, who will certainly love succulents’ compactness and self-sufficiency.


To surprise guests at the dessert table, top the wedding cake with edible sugar succulents. Combined with a roughly frosted cake they will give the allusion of blooming from the desert. Miniature versions of these rosette-shaped succulents as cupcake toppers are a sweet and adorable way to coordinate desserts.

If roses are too red and violets are too blue, opt for a trip to the desert instead. The otherworldly-looking succulents are an eye-catching diversion from typical arrangements and make enchanting gifts for any guest. Of course, a trip to the desert is not necessary; local nurseries are more than likely to carry the peculiar plant.

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