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The Ring Leaders

The Ring Leaders

Trends in Selecting Men’s Wedding Bands

The woman’s ring is always the one sparkling in the spotlight. From Instagram photos to catching eyes in grocery store lines, female engagement rings seem to steal the show.

While her ring may shimmer and shine, his ring holds just as much significance and meaning. There is much to be considered, as his ring is also an eternal symbol of your love. David Manin, sales manager with The Gem Collection in Tallahassee gives four important questions to consider when shopping:

How much time is there before the wedding? Do you want gold, platinum or alternative metals? Do you need a fitted band or a contour band? Do you want to match it to another band?

Manin explains that diamond, plain but polished and engraved design bands remain the most popular options, but alternative materials such as wood, titanium, cobalt, tungsten and steel are on the rise. Intricate and ornate bands for men are widely accepted now more than ever.

Many men don’t want to go without their ring even while working strenuous jobs. Manin suggest cobalt bands for men who often work with their hands as it is the only alternative metal a jeweler can cut off if need be. Ring fingers crossed that doesn’t happen!

His go-to brands offered at The Gem Collection are Benchmark, Coast and Gabriel, which all provide high-quality, versatile and unique ring options.

“Most couples shop for bands together,” said Manin. “They make a day it and help each other pick out the “one’s” for each other. They make a fun time of it!”

Likely the best part, besides getting to look down at it upon your hand everyday, is picking out the band. Whether you’ve had one in mind for years or you want to include your partner in the experience, the day you select your band is a cherished memory for both husband and wife.

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