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Back to Their Roots

Back to Their Roots

Branch out by embracing the bohemian trend

By Rebecca Padgett

Photos by Black & Hue Photography, Alicia Osborne, and Woodland Fields Photography

In many ways, love is a metaphor for nature. It blooms and blossoms, birds sing about it, it flows in the air and it roots, grows and branches out, much like a tree. Emphasizing the link between romance and nature has become increasingly popular — to the point where couples are quite literally becoming one with nature.

It could be claimed that the bohemian trend stemmed from flower crowns adorning the heads of bridal parties; but while flowered headgear can certainly be incorporated into the theme, the primary purposes of bohemian weddings are nonconformity, free spiritedness and an appreciation of nature.

Clients are drawn to bohemian style because it allows for an unconventional style,” said John Gandy of John Gandy Events. “I think the bride and groom see it as their opportunity to create their own vision and express themselves in a more modern and nontraditional way. There are no rules!”

While the qualifications may be lax, ceremonies and receptions of the bohemian variety typically occur at outdoor venues and incorporate natural décor. If you could find it in a forest, it’s a go. Berry-and-herb-infused bouquets; garlands of mosses, vines and flowers as streamers or table runners; unique stones and textured wood pieces as table toppers; feathers strung through trees and antlers as candleholders … all answer the call of the wild.

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