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Blushing, Beautiful and Balanced Bride

Blushing, Beautiful and Balanced Bride

Ditch the diet fads and impossible workouts and aim, instead, for happiness!

By Rebecca Padgett

First, you need to know that you are wonderful and beautiful just as you are. Your partner put a ring on your finger because he loves every ounce of you, and every teary-eyed, smiling guest at your ceremony shares that love. Those same people will support you in any endeavor you wish to pursue and will be your biggest advocates in helping you to achieve your goals.

A wedding is unlike any milestone you will experience in your life. You invite those who live near and far, whose friendships are close or newly rekindled, to take part in a day where all eyes and cameras are on you. As exciting and blissful as that is, it’s also, to be transparent, nerve-racking. For a day that you will remember and reflect upon, you want to feel and look your best. A momentous event is just the time to put your ambitions into literal motion.

The first step is to set goals and evaluate if you will be able to achieve them in realistic and healthy ways. This doesn’t mean crash diets to fit into the dress or workouts so strenuous you dread them. The overarching objective is to create a lifestyle that fulfills your wedding day wishes and is sustainable for many years of wedded bliss.

“The goal isn’t always to lose weight; it’s to be healthy and mentally stable,” said Lena Shields, Studio Manager of Pure Barre Tallahassee. “A wedding is for both of you, and you’re working to be happy and healthy together. In the grand scheme, you’re adapting your lifestyle to prolong your lives together.”

Until death do you part, your other half is your accountability partner and motivator, making it ideal to join in on the fitness journey together. Find a workout that you both enjoy, take turns doing each other’s favorite fitness activity or pay a trainer for a couples class.

“Many times your training coach becomes your life coach because they’re someone who is unbiased and can be there to support you mentally as well as physically through this journey into your marriage,” said Matt Staver, owner and founder of Blueprint Health Studio in Destin.

At home or in the gym, you can use each other for resistance training or for partner workouts, like tossing a medicine ball back and forth. Make it even more enjoyable by turning workouts into dates. Run, hike, bike, canoe or walk together to a location where you can enjoy a healthy picnic as a reward.

“Active people tolerate stress better, suffer from less illness and enjoy the benefits of more energy and stamina,” said Kim Bibeau, owner and founder of Sweat Therapy Fitness. “These benefits can really help a relationship flourish. Whether partners workout together or use their gym time as ‘me time,’ fitness is an important part of a self-care routine.”

If solo workouts are more your speed, fully commit. Put down the guest list, turn off the cellphone and submerge yourself fully in your workout routine. High intensity classes present the perfect way to blow off steam, long runs give you clarity and yoga calms the mind.

“Fitness classes keep your energy up and keep you focused,” said Adam Christiansen, certified personal trainer with BeachFit Studio in Seaside. “A fitness routine teaches you how to push through stressful situations and difficulties. Ultimately, it shows you respect yourself and the other person.” 

All professionals in the fitness realm agree that eating healthily and relaxing is beneficial to your overall well-being. Take time together, on a Sunday evening, to plan and prepare healthy meals for the week ahead, or join cooking classes that promote nutritious eating.

Of the most importance is having a sound mind. Amidst all the color swatches, cake tastings and seating charts, take a break and focus on the person who got you to this moment. A smile releases endorphins that trigger happiness, and kissing burns calories.

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