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Loved Last Week: September 30 – October 6

By Janecia Britt


This week shaped up to be all about the dapper look. I mean who says a dress should be the only hint of glamour on a wedding day? 

Photo by Katherine Joy Photography as featured on Junebug Weddings

All Black Everything

Alright, let’s get something straight, wedding fashion is not simply for brides. Can we take a moment to appreciate the truly dapper dudes? There is a certain level of confidence that absolutely peaks when someone is wearing a well-tailored suit. Sure, a wedding dress is stunning, but a suit is sleek, styled and spiffy. On a site called Junebug Weddings, I recently came across this photo of the groom and groomsmen in all black. I audibly gasped. The look is so uniquely simple and elegantly unexpected, making it a timeless choice.


Photo courtesy of Amilia Photography

Modern Boutonnieres

For a lot of people, the boutonniere reminds them of prom. Cue the corsage and awkward poses.

However, they’re a great way to unify your bridal party and keep the groomsmen or groomswomen uniform.

I say why not make the tradition your own. I love the idea of upgrading this classic accessory with a sweet note, non-traditional flowers, or even ditching it altogether and replacing it with an enamel pin.

Embrace the non-traditional. It’s YOUR wedding day.


Photo courtesy of @daziusa on Instagram

Dazi Ties For The Groom

I’ve always loved the idea of having your partner stand out just a teeny tiny bit from the rest of the groomsmen or groomswomen and Dazi is the perfect way to accomplish a subtle flair to their wedding day look.
They have a ton of different patterns and styles to choose from so finding one that matches your color scheme is easy.
Looking at their Instagram account makes me swoon!

Photo courtesy of Creattive Collective on Etsy

Leather Bow Ties

It’s not every day you wear a leather bow tie, so why not add this pop of cognac and natural elements to your wedding day!
I love the bow tie and suspender accents as a contrast with emerald green tones.
This bow tie would be perfect no matter the season, in my opinion.
The icing on the cake would be if this was stamped with an initial or a heart on the back of the leather so it could be kept as a keepsake.
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