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What We Loved This Week: October 14 – 20

By Janecia Britt


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Sustainable Dining Options

In a moment of wedding planning honesty, when considering dining options, things got a bit complicated until I discovered bamboo. I don’t like the idea of using paper or plastic plates because they create a lot of waste. Also, it’s pretty hard to make them look pretty. I too wasn’t sure about the price of renting china. Fortunately, I found bamboo products. Specifically, there’s the company, Bambu, which specializes in spun-woven bamboo fibers that are biodegradable, compostable and chemical-free. The company offers plates, napkins, utensils, serving ware and even personalized options!



Photo courtesy of FinchandCotter on Etsy

Custom Star Map

When a dear friend of mine announced her engagement I was so excited to start finding the perfect gift to bring to their upcoming celebration. She’s not a conventional bride by any means but when I saw these custom star maps, I was so excited. These are an illustration of the actual night sky as seen from any location, day and time on Earth and created from a catalog of over 1 million stars and planets. It’s such a beautiful sentiment for a couple that is about to take on a new adventure both in marriage and in life.




Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

The Newlywed Cookbook

I do most of the cooking in my relationship so when I saw this in a Willams and Sonoma one weekend, I immediately thought how great of an engagement gift this would be. The beginning of the book provides recipes for cooking for 2, then how to cook for a small group and finally entertain a large party. Plus the photography and personal stories that accompany many of the recipes make it like a beautiful coffee table book with a romantic touch. Not only does it encourage couples to cook together but it’s also a great way to try different meals with your partner!


Photo courtesy of @localeclectic on Instagram

Alternative Wedding and Engagement Rings

In my spare time, I’m a wedding coordinator and recently have had a bride or two with an alternative style wedding set and SWOON! I recently found @localecletic on Instagram and this set is unique and gorgeous! It still embraces the stunner engagement ring but adds a unique twist with the opal and diamond Victorian wedding band. Be daring and embrace your uniqueness on a beloved piece you’ll be wearing daily.

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